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Installation Instructions


The installation will require the customer's Scrive User Group ID. Be sure to aquire this ID beforehand to keep the installation process as smooth as possible. If you are unsure about this ID, please ask the customer to contact our support staff at


After the add-on has been installed, be sure to review and update this add-on's configuration in the web-client.

  • Run poetry add limepkg-scrive on your Lime CRM solution.
  • Create a group called “Scrive” and allow to access to these limetypes:

    • document: read, write, add
    • history: read, write, add
    • person: read, write
    • company: read, write
    • deal: read, write
    • coworker: read, write
  • Create an API user and add that to the group. Generate an API key for this user and keep it handy, you will need it soon.

  • Visit ( for test environments) and submit the following information:
    • Lime Host: host of your Lime instance. It needs to be publically accessible. Example:
    • Lime API Key: API key to access your Lime instance (i.e. API key from the previous step). Example: 671B538EAC72ED527938D7968BAD9F05C876ACE67F902CA6F35892FC79318F48F7CC533F0AE8EDD27A13
    • Scrive User Group ID: Only Scrive users in this user group will be able to access this addon. Here is an example ID: 9197237133460639081. If you are unsure about this ID, please contact our support staff at
  • Contratulations 🥳. Scrive Users within the previously specified User Group can now use the add-on.

Linking Lime and Scrive Accounts

Every user who wishes to use the add-on will need to go through an initial setup process.

  • Open any document in the web-client
  • Click on "Sign with Scrive"
  • You will be asked to log into your Scrive account and grant this add-on access to your (Scrive) documents